Advertising Opportunities

Explore the various promotional possibilities.
The Bell Sports Complex was conceived with a sleek design and sporting lines, using modern materials and colors. Our philosophy for ad placement is to provide a distinctive and tasteful display.
Do you have a specific visual in mind? We are open to new ideas.
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Sponsor skating rink 1

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Become a sponsor of rink number 1 and benefit from an integrated visibility inside the complex. Your logo will be displayed on the main wall of rink 1, on banners located at the top of the bleachers, in the corridors leading to the rink and on directional signage. These elements will position you as a major partner of the Bell Sports Complex!









The rinkboards are available for both rinks in the complex and represent a prime advertising opportunity. Not only will the rinkboards be seen by users and spectators at the complex, they will also give you high media coverage as the Canadiens practices are televised.

CS Bell-Publicité surfaçeuses

Ice resurfacers (2)

Everyone watches the ice being cleaned between periods. Since the complex has great views from both rinks, the Zambonis are visible at all times from the stands and food courts.




Indicator Tables (5)

The screens provide information about the current game and are undeniably one of the most watched areas of the complex. Enjoy the privileged central locations to broadcast your message!

Public corridors (3)

Whether the event is taking place on the ice or other grounds of the complex, everyone will notice the inner terrace which must be taken by all visitors to access the bleachers. Another great advertising opportunity!

Changing Room (21)








A great way to network and reach the complex’s multitude and wide array of clientele! This type of advertising is a great way to reach both parents and adult players, many of whom are in the business community.