Montreal Canadiens Training Sessions

We are pleased to provide you with the information regarding the Montreal Canadiens training sessions.

Montreal Canadiens Training

The Montreal Canadiens training sessions are open to the general public free of charge. Please note that the stands are always closed; viewing is available in the restaurant area on the second level.

Places are available on a first come first serve basis. The concourse can accomodate up to 400 people comfortably with a total capacity of approximately 800.

2018 Training Camp

coming soon

Regular season

Once the schedule is made available to us by the team, we post it in the Activity calendar on the main page of this site. Times are subject to change and sessions can be cancelled at the last minute. The Bell Sports Complex has no control over the team scheduling.

Food and beverage

We are pleased to open our food concession during the training sessions. Please note that all outside food or beverages are forbidden in the facility.

Our friendly staff will be happy to serve you  fresh food, a variety of beverages,  as well as our specialty coffee selection.


During the Montreal Canadiens training sessions, the Bell Sports Complex employees welcome you with courtesy free of charge and we thank you for helping us maintain a clean environment by disposing of all garbage in the proper container at the restaurant level and by replacing the tables and chairs to their original position before you leave. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and required in order to help us meet the highest standards in customer service.

Players’ availability

Players are not available before or after training sessions.

For all other information regarding the activities taking place at the Bell Sports Complex and for rentals, call our customer service desk at 450-926-2887 ext.221.

The management team.