Our Men’s League Program offers a chance for adult hockey players to enhance their on-ice performance significantly. This program is designed for those who may not achieve their childhood NHL dreams but still aspire to excel in their league.

The program focuses on developing explosive speed, functional strength, power, and conditioning through innovative workouts. These sessions are created to be joint-friendly and efficient, allowing players to see considerable improvements in a shorter time.

The best part is that you can follow the program at home or in a gym, making it accessible for various lifestyles. It promises a transformative experience, enabling you to impress your teammates by excelling on the ice, exemplified by swift movements and powerful shots.

What to Expect from the Program

The Men’s League Program which features innovative workouts is specifically designed for older hockey players who are experiencing a decline in explosive speed, power, and conditioning.

This program addresses the challenges faced by men in their 30s and 40s, helping to reverse the effects of aging and improve on-ice performance.

Here are the key aspects included in the program:

Focus on Explosive Speed and Power

As men age, it’s common to lose some explosive speed and power. This program is tailored to regain and enhance these crucial aspects, ensuring you can maintain a high level of play.

Improved Conditioning

The program is designed to boost your hockey-specific conditioning, allowing for longer, more effective shifts and sustained energy throughout the game.

Innovative Workouts

These workouts integrate training for explosive speed, functional strength, power, and conditioning into a single, efficient session. This approach is ideal for men’s league players who may not have the time to train like professional athletes.

Efficiency and Joint Health

The workouts are designed to maximize training efficiency without overtraining or causing joint pain, bridging the gap between gym fitness and hockey fitness.

Longevity and Progressive Training

The program includes a 6-phase training system that can be followed for up to a year, with each phase building upon the last. It’s structured to yield long-term, sustainable results.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Members can access gym-based or bodyweight-only workouts, offering flexibility based on equipment availability and personal schedules. This ensures continuous progress, irrespective of your situation.

Lifetime Access

Participants gain lifetime access to the Men’s League Domination ’23 Training Program, allowing them to revisit and maintain their training regime as needed.

This holistic approach is about fostering a long-term love for the game and maintaining a high level of play, ensuring you can be the agile, powerful player you aspire to be, regardless of age.

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