Program Advantages

CS Bell-Programmes avantages

Montreal Canadiens Youth hockey programs

The focus of the camps is based on the principles of learning, respecting and having fun while playing the game of hockey, all in a truly unique atmosphere that will create lifelong memories for the participants.

Each player will learn firsthand from the most sought-after hockey instructors and training professionals in the business.

The Montreal Canadiens minor hockey staff is a group of dedicated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable hockey experts committed to teaching the fundamentals of the game to players of all ages and skill levels.

CS Bell-Programmes Camp CHC_2We guarantee a low instructor-to-participant ratio, allowing for valuable individual attention and analysis of a player’s strengths and areas needing improvement.


Montreal Impact Soccer School

To build something remarkable, the proper tools are required!  Intensive clinics will get you started on the right foot!

Like any good and solid foundation, a strong base is needed to help further the development of a young player’s game. Working on the technical aspects of the game or on style of play without having a solid technical base is like putting the roof on a house before building the walls.

Baseball Empire

  • Gathers a multidisciplinary team of experts & professionals who have mastered a vast array of skills and possess the knowledge that will benefit all participants taking part in their training sessions.
  • The only baseball academy in Quebec solely composed of professional baseball instructors developed by Pro league programs.
  • Coaching members of the academy have benefited from judicial advice and experience of mentors such as Joe Torre, Joe Girardi, the legendary Gary Carter and many others.

Training methods are based on the expertise acquired in the baseball programs such as JUCO, NCAA, National Team, INDEPENDENT, MILB et MLB.

Pittsburgh Pirates catcher, Russell Martin, is an integral member of our coaching team who participates actively to ensure the entire organization achieves and maintains the level of Excellence in all its program and development activities.