Our 30-day progressive training approach is a comprehensive program designed to significantly enhance your skating abilities. This program focuses on speed, conditioning, agility, and edge work.

Here are the key features that this program includes:

Weekly Training Modules

The program incorporates a variety of workouts targeting different aspects of skating performance. Each week, participants will engage in specific exercises aimed at developing speed, enhancing conditioning, improving agility, and refining edge work on the ice.

Detailed Daily Schedule

Participants receive a well-structured 30-day schedule, outlining daily training activities. This clear guide ensures players stay on track with their training goals as it offers a systematic approach to improvement.

Breakaway Speed Kitâ„¢

An integral part of the program, this kit includes specialized hockey training tools. These tools are designed to complement the training regimen and offer players the equipment necessary to perform each workout effectively.

Suitable for All Ages

The program is adaptable for hockey players of varying ages. Whether they are young enthusiasts or more seasoned players, the training is designed to be safe, effective, and engaging for everyone.

Professional Hockey Performance Expertise

The program is crafted by a professional hockey performance specialist, ensuring the exercises are relevant, effective, and aligned with the demands of high-level hockey.

NHL-Level Training Experience

Participants have the opportunity to train using methods and equipment akin to what NHL players use.

This not only boosts their physical capabilities but also provides an exciting and motivating training experience.

Overall, the program aims to create a fun yet challenging environment where hockey players can significantly improve their skating skills and overall performance on the ice.

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