The enthusiasm for this year’s hockey training program is truly justified, especially considering the collaboration with Tim Lebbossiere who is the Assistant Performance Coach of the Boston Bruins. This partnership brings a level of professional expertise that’s sure to benefit the participants.

Here are the key highlights of the program:

Revolutionary Training Approach

The program has been crafted by an experienced professional from a top NHL team, promising cutting-edge training methodologies.

Innovative Workouts

This unique workout regime is designed to enhance explosive speed, functional strength, power, and conditioning, all critical attributes for a hockey player.

Comprehensive Skill Development

The program targets multiple aspects of hockey performance in a single workout session, offering a holistic development approach.

Suitable for Diverse Players

Whether a player is young or old, a beginner or experienced, the program is adaptable to fit various skill levels and physical capabilities.

Focus on Explosive Speed

One of the program’s main goals is to increase players’ speed on ice, giving them an edge in fast-paced game situations.

Building Functional Strength

The strength training is specifically tailored to be functional and relevant to the demands of hockey.

Power Enhancement

The program includes specialized exercises to boost players’ power, crucial for impactful shots and quick movements.

Hockey-Specific Conditioning

Conditioning exercises are designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of hockey, ensuring players can maintain high performance throughout games.

Real Results-Oriented

The program is not just about training; it’s about transforming players into more skilled, confident, and competitive athletes on the ice.

Guidance from a Pro:

The involvement of a coach from a prestigious NHL team like the Boston Bruins means the training is based on proven techniques and strategies used by top athletes.

This program presents an exceptional opportunity for hockey players to substantially upgrade their skills and performance, guided by the expertise of a renowned professional in the field.

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