To reach your full hockey potential, training your mind is as important as training your muscles. Your mental energy can be a barrier or a boost to your game.

Remember, the greatness in hockey isn’t just physical; mental toughness plays a big part. You’ll only hit your peak when your determination matches your physical skills.

Mental strength is behind incredible feats like enduring extreme conditions and overcoming pain and odds. It’s often our minds, not bodies, that set our limits.

In this article, we’ll talk about some inspiring hockey quotes to highlight the crucial role of mental toughness in achieving both hockey greatness and success in life.

“Everyday Is A Good Day For Hockey”

To excel in hockey, passion is essential. It’s the fuel that drives you to relentlessly pursue your goals, whether it’s hitting the gym, sticking to your meal plan, practicing skills, or pushing hard in dryland training.

And then, it’s what gets you up the next day to do it all again.

Passion is what separates those who simply go through the motions from those who push their bodies and minds to the limit. It breeds discipline, allowing you to channel your love for hockey into becoming a better player.

Hockey demands a lot – it’s not just about skill, but also about how you manage your time and lifestyle. Without passion for the game, meeting these demands becomes a tough challenge.

This passion is what keeps you engaged in hockey, not just for a season, but for life. If you truly love hockey, you’ll understand the depth and power of Mario Lemieux’s quote. It’s brief, but it resonates deeply with those who share this passion.

“90% Of Hockey Is Mental”

Wayne Gretzky’s quote really shines a light on some key aspects often overlooked in hockey, aspects that are essential for consistently great performance.

While many are focused on the latest gadgets for stickhandling drills, the true game-changers in hockey are qualities like confidence, fearlessness, discipline, visualization, and emotional control.

In my experience coaching thousands of players, I’ve seen firsthand how improvements inside a player’s mind directly enhance their external performance. I call it “dormant performance” – the physical ability is there, but it’s the player’s mind, lacking these mental skills, that often holds them back.

Gretzky’s quote emphasizes the significance of mental training, a crucial aspect of coaching. It’s a reminder that the body’s actions are directed by the mind. Where the mind leads, the body follows – a fundamental truth in developing great hockey players.

“A Good Hockey Player Plays Where The Puck Is. A Great Hockey Player Plays Where The Puck Is Going To Be”

Hockey requires more than just physical skills like speed or a powerful shot; it demands mental foresight and physical readiness. Players must possess the ability to predict plays and react promptly.

Mental skills like offensive and defensive awareness are key. They help you pace the game, remain calm, and anticipate where the puck will be, enhancing your physical performance on the ice.

Gretzky’s insight extends to sports science and training periodization. In hockey, unlike more straightforward sports like powerlifting or marathon running, players need a diverse set of skills – from conditioning and agility to strength, size, and mental tools.

Effective training must address all these aspects.

His famous advice to play where the puck is going reflects the importance of comprehensive training. Great players don’t just focus on immediate needs; they see the bigger picture, ensuring a well-rounded development.

This approach highlights the importance of visualizing both your on-ice and off-ice growth, embodying the essence of Gretzky’s wisdom.


When tackling tough challenges, it’s important to be open to the possibility of short-term setbacks. These setbacks are obstacles that temporarily block your path, requiring you to overcome them to move forward.

If you’re reading this because you’re in a performance slump, have been cut from a team, or are facing some temporary hurdles, know that this is your opportunity to take action. Use this moment to transform your situation and enhance your overall hockey performance.

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